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Gaining Character Points

A character’s Character Point (CP) total is the sum of two numbers: Campaign CP and Individual CP.


The current campaign CP total is 74 as of 10/2/2023

Campaign CP: This number is the same for all characters and goes up at the rate of 1.5 CP per full weekend event that Invictus runs. Before event 1 it was at 44 CP.


Example: Three full weekend events pass and it is about to be event 4. The Campaign CP would be at 48.5. To be clear, this would be the CP amount for everyone attending the next event, regardless if they had attended the previous ones.



The other way Campaign CP increases is through members of the Invictus community NPCing other larps to help support them. Typically when you go to NPC another larp they will ask where you want the credit for that weekend to go and then will notify the larp(s) in question. For every 5 people who NPC another larp’s weekend event and assign the credit to Invictus, the Campaign CP will go up by 2 for the entire game. See the Wall of Thanks for those who have supported other larps and the Invictus community in this way. 


Example: 2 people NPC a Fables of Fenorra event and 3 NPC a Crux event. All 5 note to those games that they want the credit to go to Invictus. They will notify us and since the total is 5 people NPCing and assigning credit to Invictus, the Campaign CP rises from 41 to 43. If it was 10 people, the CP would go to 45. If it was less than 5 then we simply note that and when future NPC credit is assigned and we hit 5 then the Campaign CP will go up then.


There is a maximum of 15 Campaign CP per year that can be earned through communal NPCing. Any more than this will be “banked” to be awarded in the following year.


Individual CP: This CP comes from multiple different sources. All three of these sources require staff coordination and sign off. We will have someone to do assignments along with donation wish lists and the like. Please note that cleaning your personal cabin is a basic responsibility of all attendees and not part of event cleanup CP.


1 CP for helping with event setup.

1 CP for helping with event cleanup and breakdown.

Variable CP for donations.


Unlike Campaign CP, Individual CP benefits only the player it has been assigned to. Players are welcome to assign Individual CP awards to other players if they so wish.


There is a maximum of 15 Individual CP that a player may benefit from every year. Any more than this will be “banked” to be awarded in the following year if not given to another player

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