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Vendor Links

Invictus doesn't guarantee the work of these vendors but we have assembled a list of some places worth checking out when it comes to getting your kit together.



Garb the World’s stock is full of decent quality basic costuming with the option for customization.


Moresca has a small inventory of very high quality pieces:


La Wren’s Nest has many items that would be appropriate for Illarans (and some that would work for the Calid Circle):


Ravenswood Leather has high quality leather pieces that would work for multiple nations:


Authentic Wardrobe has some decent basic shirts as well as some expensive but beautiful coats and cloaks:


Dracula Clothing isn’t aimed at our crowd, so you have to do some digging to find items that would be appropriate, but some of these pieces are gorgeous and would work for the Tristar Hegemony:


Al Hannah Islamic Clothing has pieces that would work for the Khezeratt of the Sun and Stars, just be aware of what you’re purchasing to remain respectful of anything that might have spiritual/religious significance:


Historical Emporium has a lot of items that would work for the Tristar Hegemony, just be careful to avoid drifting into Steampunk:


Threads of Time has a number of pieces that would work for multiple nations


There are also numerous shops on Etsy that offer a wide variety of costuming options at prices and quality both great and small.



Crafty Celts has lots of jewelry that would look great for multiple nations, but the torcs in particular would be great for Calid Circle:


Lydia’s Vintage on Etsy is Nathaniel’s favorite obscure shop for accessories.  They have beautiful brooches and rings:



Ringmesh has a variety of mail options.


Andracor has some great armor pieces (and some costuming as well):


Shields and Weapons 

Uncharted Fabrications makes incredible weapon props used by a number of the staff at both Invictus and Coventry.

B3 Imagination Studio makes Accelerant legal weapons that are very high quality and reasonably priced. They have a stock of various types of melee weapons and shields but they also take custom orders.

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