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Post Event Letters

Post Event Letters (PELs) are a critical way for the staff of Invictus to run a better game. Filling them out tells us what you liked and didn't like and what we need to follow up on. We are committed to incorporating this feedback and making sure all players are heard.

We have designed a specific process to make sure that we are using the valuable information you have provided to improve your experience. We thought it would be helpful for you to know at least the general steps in that process.

1) Every staff member reads them to make sure we don't miss anything we need to follow up on

2) As we read them we make notes in a central file on action items such as what NPCs are expected back or plotlines players are pursuing

3) We have a meeting dedicated to how Info Skills will be answered

4) Praise to our amazing NPCs is passed along to them
5) Any issues that are mentioned must be discussed at a meeting. Any resolution needs to include communicating back to the player so they know they are being heard and the issue is taken seriously
6) Logistics updates
7) Any notes or updates made to our master character records so we can refer to them in the future with ease


The feedback of NPCs is incredibly important to make sure the experience is rewarding for them as well. Please fill out an NPC PEL if you helped us run an event. Thank you so much for coming out!

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