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Game Policies

  1. No illegal drugs  or alcohol permitted at any time. Game play while taking prescription medication that would impair you from driving is also prohibited.  Punishment for violations will include suspensions and possible lifetime bans from all games within the network. 

  2. Minimum attendant age is 18 years old. 

  3. Combat is light touch, sport boffer combat only. 

  4. Every player is responsible for their own safety. We ask each and every player to be courteous and mindful for the safety of others. Each game will have "warning" calls to help us keep each other safe during play. 

  5. Unwanted physical contact, inappropriate advances, racism, sexism, or other harassing behavior will result in immediate removal from the game and possibly additional games within the network. Punishments may include a lifetime ban. 

  6. You must have an active membership to participate as an NPC or PC. Membership to Living Fictions is currently free. Individual games may have a membership fee schedule. 

  7. Smoking will be confined to designated areas only, or prohibited entirely depending on the policy of the camp. 

  8. All rules and story materials are the intellectual property of each game runner and may not be used or replicated in any way without their written permission. 

  9. Any and all other policies of the host campground must be followed. 

  10. It is expected that any instance of assault or harassment will not be tolerated. As an organization, we are committed to follow evidence presented to us and respond swiftly and appropriately. We will stand next to any victim of harassment or assault to the extent that they wish to pursue, up to and including being available to appear in court if necessary. We will not differentiate between incidents that happen on-site or off-site when mediating an action between two members. We will have a zero tolerance policy in place across all games when it pertains to discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or age. We will have a zero tolerance policy in place across all games when it pertains to stalking, bullying, intimidation, theft, vandalism, assault and battery, sexual harassment or sexual assault.  

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