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Create a Character


Click to go to the page containing the most up to date rulebook.

For Player Characters (PCs, You make your own autonomous character within the rules to play at events)

Character Tracking in Invictus is done through a Google Sheet created and shared to you. It allows you to input your character skills and other facets of the character and keep it up to date over time. If you go here you can see the publicly available demo version to play around with how it works. 

When you register for an event, or if you email Mickey at, a sheet will be created specifically for you and shared to your email address. 

PC Questionnaire Form

This webform gives us some information on what you like, and don't like, in larps. We ask that all PCs fill it out before playing to have the best experience, but it is not required.

Character History Form

This webform gives us key information about the character you play as well as having a space for longform character histories. We cannot recommend enough that you fill this out once you know what you'd like to play. 

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