Wall of Thanks!

For every ten events that Invictus players NPC other larps on behalf of our game, the campaign CP for everyone goes up. We are currently at 8 out of 10 for the next CP.

On behalf of the playerbase, and the games they have helped, thanks go to:

Andrew B.

David G.

David G.

Vanessa S.
Ian P.

Ian P. Round 2
Mikey D.

Mikey D.: Back in action

For going above and beyond in submitting pictures for use in Invictus marketing, the following players have earned everyone in Invictus TWO additional Campaign CP!


Juan T.

William G.

Luke E.

Lydia E.

Jake E.

Kim W.

Mikey D.

The following players have earned everyone in Invictus an additional Campaign CP!

Garrett M.

Garrett M. again!

Joy M.

Jay B.
Cooper C-D.

Mikey D.

Mikey D. again!


Jim E.

Jamie F.

September 2018 Showcase. This was a special event so the participation of these players got the whole playerbase a CP outside of the normal 10 to 1 rule:

Wes M.




Justine C. 



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