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Wall of Thanks!

For every ten events that Invictus players NPC other larps on behalf of our game, the campaign CP for everyone goes up. We are currently at 8 out of 10 for the next CP.

On behalf of the playerbase, and the games they have helped, thanks go to:

Andrew B.

David G.

David G.

Vanessa S.
Ian P.

Ian P. Round 2
Mikey D.

Mikey D.: Back in action


The following players have earned everyone in Invictus an additional Campaign CP!

Garrett M.

Garrett M. again!

Joy M.

Jay B.
Cooper C-D.

Mikey D.

Mikey D. again!


Jim E.

Jamie F.

September 2018 Showcase. This was a special event so the participation of these players got the whole playerbase a CP outside of the normal 10 to 1 rule:

Wes M.




Justine C.