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Current Covid Protocols

[Cross-posted from the Invictus Facebook Group]

Greetings LFE community,

We are reaching out to you today to give you the details about our requirements for our proof of vaccination policy and the procedure for the small number of you that might have a medical diagnosis that precludes you from receiving any of the available vaccines.

Living Fictions Entertainment as well as each of the games under that banner who are running events in the fall of 2021, Invictus, Coventry, & Fealty, will be requiring all participants (meaning Players, Staff, NPCs, and anyone else who intends to be on site) to show proof of vaccinations against the COVID19 virus unless they they have a legitimate medical reason not to receive the vaccine.

The bar to establish proof vaccination is simple. Show us your unaltered vaccination card...that’s it.

Living Fictions Entertainment has established the following email address

This email is to serve three main functions.

For you to send a picture of your COVID 19 vaccination card as verification of your vaccination. This is the default process for submitting proof of vaccination.

If you are not comfortable sharing a photo of your vaccination card then is also the email address for you to contact us to set up a time where we may jump onto a quick video call and you can show us there. It is not our intention to save the picture of your vaccination card. Once we have seen your vaccination card, your name will be added to a list of people who have indicated to us that you’re intending to include yourself at one of the LFE produced events running in September and October and a check mark will be added to your name indicating that you have proven your vaccination status.

If you have been advised by your doctor that you have a medically diagnosed reason not to receive the vaccination then is the email address to begin the discussion about an exemption to this proof of vaccination requirement.

If you are seeking an exemption to the proof of vaccination policy due to a medical diagnosis than we will require that you get a COVID19 PCR test administered no earlier than the Sunday before the event and a negative COVID19 test result will need to be provided in the same manner as a proof of vaccination.

It is not our intention to keep a record of your COVID19 vaccination card or your negative COVID19 test results and there is a limited number of people who will have access to this email address. Jake McCarthy (Akremi) is the primary point of contact for verifying vaccination cards or to engage in a discussion about exceptions and verifying a negative test result.. Jake is assisted by Amanda Harvey, Mickey Golosovker (Owner of Invictus LARP), Alan Green (Owner of Fealty LARP), and Amelia Kahl.

If you are more comfortable with any of these people, please do not hesitate to address your communication to that person and they will respond to your email.

This policy will be reviewed over the winter break to conform with the prevailing wisdom of the CDC, WHO, and the relevant Departments of Health in the states and towns in which we hold events.

In the interest of limiting the impact to, what is already the time consuming task of, event logistics, it is our intent to complete all proof of vaccination verifications requirements before the Friday of the event in question and it is required that any conversations about the need for an exception be initiated no less than one week ahead of the event in question though verification of a negative test result will, necessarily, happen closer to the event in question.

ADDENDUM March 1, 2022


COVID Policy Addendum.

The following is an addendum to our COVID vaccination policy. 

This is an addendum to the Living Fictions Entertainment COVID-19 vaccination policy relating to COVID-19 booster shots.

Living Fictions Entertainment, Invictus LARP, Coventry LARP, & Fealty LARP will be requiring proof of booster shots in addition to the proof of primary vaccinations that is already otherwise required.

In an effort to be sensitive to adverse reactions people encountered with their initial vaccination shots, we will be allowing medically necessary exemptions through the process detailed in our initial COVID-19 vaccination policy [].

Please send proof of vaccination boosters shots to

Please include that it is verification of a booster shot in the subject line.

If you have not previously sent in proof of vaccination, please do so as per the policy and make sure that both the initial and booster shots are visible."

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