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Invictus is a heroic high fantasy, swords and sorcery, larp set in an expansive galaxy that has been settled by multiple species who discovered how to magically gate among worlds. Each of the Six Nations sprawls many worlds in their own distinct form of government, history, and aesthetic. It is a universe of Golem Sorcerers studying the mysteries of Terminus Arcs, Illaran Orators debating the issues of the day in the Forum, Zeverians embarking on Raids to increase their status, Tristar Solicitors serving Warrants of Rescission, and so much more.


It has been a thousand years since the Starling War was fought over the Lapis Vitae; seventeen Stones of Life that grant the miracle of resurrection to those bound to them. Now, in the year 1019, in a world far from settled space, an eighteenth Stone has just been discovered and the balance of peace among the Six Nations is threatened. The world is claimed by the Republic of Illara, but the Wardens of the Pact have also been quick to establish a military garrison in their role as guardians of the Lapis Vitae. Both have sent out a call for those brave and skilled enough to form a settlement that will support the investigation into this startling find.

The current campaign CP total is 74 as of 10/2/2023

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