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Wardens of the Pact


Generations ago, peace was brought to the many worlds.  Or at least, the threat of massive interstellar war was brought to heel.  When the many nations agreed to end the Starling War between them, it was determined that the best way to ensure a balance was to equally distribute the Lapis Vitae.  By ensuring that all of the major nations had access to the secrets of Resurrection, it could be ensured that no nation could ever overpower another.


However, there were not enough stones to ensure that every nation held the same number.  This detail threatened to derail the entire process as each nation could not trust any other to hold more of these precious artifacts.


Eventually, the compromise was reached; two stones would be held in reserve by each of the major nations.  The remaining five stones would be held in trust by an organization that was loyal to no one nation and drawn from citizens of all six. Thus was born The Wardens of the Pact.  All Wardens must swear an oath to put the Pact above loyalty to their home nation for the duration of their service.


Ever since the signing of the treaty, the Wardens have watched over the five stones.  They have also been granted jurisdiction in matters of security concerning the Lapis Vitae in general.  This makes them a powerful organization, though formally constrained to this one area of concern.

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