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A thousand years ago the mortal species were rocked by the cataclysm that came to be called the Fracture. The Dragon God of Death, for reasons unexplained to this day, struck down and killed the Dragon God of Memory. In that moment, as it perished, a piece of all living things’ memory died with it. It is said that those alive at the time fell to their knees, clutching their heads, crying out in agony and confusion, their minds shattered. From then on, no one could rely on memories; they slip away at any moment even now. Books and scrolls crumbled to dust and ash. So much was lost.


But life goes on and people have adapted. If memories are easily lost then personal notebooks have become the norm. Nations keep records as they never did before. Archives, and the Scribes that fill them with knowledge, have become revered throughout the many worlds.

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