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     It is the blessing and curse of Augury to see glimpses of the future but always in shadows, portents, and signs that must be interpreted correctly. To know more than most, but be plagued with frustration and doubt. Some, very rarely, are gifted a more penetrating sight that allows them a clarity of vision that other


     Augurs can only envy. These individuals are called Oracles and are sought after by many for their wisdom. As a result they are reclusive and extremely difficult to find.

The Metallon

     The most quested for Oracle in the galaxy is known only as The Metallon. Stories of brave Knights of Riavan and Disciples of The Khezeratt seeking for it stretch back centuries.


     Equally old are the tales of leaders throughout the Nations of the galaxy being visited by this mysterious figure. They are given important advice in key moments of crisis, often just a whispered sentence or two, and then The Metallon is gone. No one knows what causes it to choose to intervene in some moments and not others.

The Oracle of Waylaud

     The Oracle of Waylaud dwells somewhere in the frozen depths of the world of Waylaud within the Calid Circle. Sparsely populated, Waylaud has a small settlement where the Terminus Node is located and where those seeking the Oracle can base themselves out of. Unlike other Oracle, this one provides a pathway to their knowledge.


     Petitioners must survive and succeed through the Trials of the Fallen in order to be granted permission to ask a single question. These Trials are difficult, lengthy, and lethal, but the details are unknown as all those who partake in them are sworn to secrecy regardless of the outcome.

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