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The Norelkar

The Norelkar is the realm of dreams.  It is a place of endless fields where people seem to float above the ground, of staircases that connect in impossible ways, and where dark corners can hide unspeakable terrors.  There are those who view the Norelkar as a place of great knowledge, believing that with the right tools and training a person can mine the dream realm for whispered secrets and forgotten truths.  Many more see it as a hellscape, a place that is immensely dangerous and offers no truths that can be trusted.  After all, when walking among dreams, how does one decipher what is true and imagined?


Most people in the Many Worlds know of the Norelkar and will speak of it as a place they visit while asleep. Some very few, however, have learned to venture there through focused ritual. Primarily, it is the members of Sentosh, an order within the Children of Dragons who are Adherents of the Dragon of Memory, who lead expeditions for forgotten wisdom.


Deep in the darkest corners of the Norelkar are sinister creatures known as Skitterlings. Every now and then, Skitterlings have been known to cross from the Norelkar into our world.  Old stories suggest that this happens when someone dies while asleep, that their nightmare kills them and this gives the Skitterling a chance to crawl out into this world.   However, such tales have never been confirmed by scholars and are generally mocked in the high halls of the Concordia Illuminata.

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