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The Givick people are a species of no Nation and all of them at the same time. They live throughout the galaxy going about their pursuits but claim no single homeworld and their origins are lost to history. Givicks range from reclusive to gregariousness, stern to friendly, but all share a particular fascination with Terminus Arcs and are most often found as Terminus Engineers, servicing the network that maintains communication and trade for everyone. They are notable for their single minded focus on their craft and expertise in the Arcs and rarely, if ever, are to be found in any form of civic authority or power. They are employed by militaries, governments, trade associations, guilds, and banks of all stripes to ensure smooth travel.


Givicks are marked by a line or array of mostly blue, red, and/or clear crystals radiating downward from each eye. They are not available as player characters.

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