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Event 4 Recap

As the year wrapped up, the adventurers of the settlement on Andromeda found themselves in an overwhelming morass. Early in the holiday, dignitaries gathered near the Lapis Vitae to discuss the politics of the nations of the many worlds and attempt to avoid full scale war. During this time, the settlement was attacked by the horrifying creature of legend, the Maw of Truth. The heroes fought back the whispers and forged a delicate peace between the nations.


The adventurers worked hard to learn more about the world they inhabit and understand the role Andromeda plays in events. The Augurs performed a powerful and revealing augury that made them a target of potent enemies. The Cult of the Wanderer showed it has more facets than many realized. Some saw a long-standing enemy, the Teras Akir, for the first time. A few made some extra-legal choices. For the most part, the town was successful in gathering new secrets, making new allies, and staying (mostly) alive.


Saturday night, the adventurers went to help a researcher from the Concordia look into demons. They accidently stumbled across literal Hell. What they found there were not the silly, impish demons the many worlds are familiar with. They found monstrous and intelligent demons, such as the Wracked, who led armies of powerful creatures. Using the abandoned magic of the ancient Illarans who once made this place their home, they were able to empower a Terminus Arc to get back to Andromeda. But not before more than a couple of them died at the hands of demons and found themselves resurrected at the Hole in the World. Hell holds many secrets for those who will be willing to face the demons again, surviving will be the hard part.

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