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Event 3 Recap

Our heroes awoke to find themselves trapped within the Norelkar. Something had gone terribly wrong with Corrin’s ritual and they had been trapped in a spot where the dream realm had overlaid the waking world. Fowler, Corrin, and Anders had been working for months to try and get into the settlement that was blocked off by the dream. Finally, they were able to break through, and Fowler’s presence seemed to bring the adventurers out of their stupor. He led them off to a well of power nearby to perform a ritual and make them all Dreamwalkers, able to freely act within the Norelkar.


Many people had been looking for a way into Andromeda in the months of silence from the settlement. Many who did so became stuck in the dreaming as well. The Order of Sentosh, working with the nation of Illara, was able to make their way into the Norelkar and rescue these people. Then, with their help, the Terminus Arc was reconnected to the rest of the Many Worlds. Along the way they found the settlers and helped them fend off an attack by the Vivisector.


The creature of nightmare seemed to have discovered a darkness shrouding the whole area, a side effect of a Thalasi war ritual, inside the Norelkar and anchored himself to it. Working with Sentosh, the Thalasi, and those the Vivisector had studied, the settlers developed a ritual to separate the Nightmare Lord from his anchors, drain their power, and dispel the Thalasi ritual. It was difficult, but they succeed and then were able to separate the two planes safely and begin the transition back toward normalcy.


While the Norelkar was pressing, many other things pulled the adventurers’ attention. Tensions are rising between the nations, investigations into mysterious assassinations yielding more questions than answers, and war with the Thalasi seems all but certain. In addition, bandits, fallen children of dragons adherents, and more murders within the Khezeratt. Not everything was bleak. The whole community was able to band together and create a special banner to represent them and the Sixth Family was dealt a harsh blow. However, danger looms just around the corner.

The Doom of Night is coming.

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