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Event 2 Recap

Saltoran’s Honor,1019, was an eventful holiday for the settlers of Andromeda. The arrived to discover that a malaise had fallen across the settlement and that it seemed to coincide with the end of the previous holiday. That dour feeling seemed to be tied to a great darkness that had risen in the norelkar and to the ritual that had been performed by the blue-skinned creatures at the end of the previous holiday.


The blue-skinned creatures came to town, looking for a crystal pendant that had been stolen. No one had, or was willing to give, the pendant in question. The adventurers learned that the pendant was deeply important to the creatures and their strange society. They left less than enthused and the adventurers had several other clashes with the creatures over the rest of the weekend. At one point, an Illaran militia had captured a group of the creatures and the settlers were forced to mediate, choosing to release the prisoners.


The settlers faced many other challenges as well. Small groups travelled around the many worlds completing tasks. Interesting individuals from Queens to servants visited the settlement. They faced off against the Cult of the Wanderer and their mysterious patron, stopping them from retrieving a rare terminus crystal. They assaulted a stronghold of the Sixth Family and routed them. And on the final day, the town aided the keeper of the shrine of the Children of Dragons in attempting to break the heavy discomfort that had blanketed the town.


Using the black book, Corrin conducted a ritual to try and lift the darkness in the Norelkar that was manifesting in the waking world. As he did, something went wrong and a Nightmare Lord arrived to attack the town. The adventurers were aided by one of the blue skinned creatures who came to fight against the darkness. They kept the creature at bay, but when the ritual completed, the whole settlement was sucked into an unknown darkness...

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