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Event 1 Recap

The evening before Salendra’s Wakening for the year 1019, a number of newcomers to the world of Andromeda gathered in the tavern of the nascent settlement. There, they were greeted by Julian Darius, Administrator of Andromeda, and began to settle in. Shortly thereafter, Julian Lawrence, a Blood Witch from the Concordia Illuminata, brought those present to empower a Farmakosi. It was during this ritual that strange creatures were fought by the settlers for the first time. Over the course of the next few days they would be encountered numerous times with a common theory that they are some sort of golem constructed from salt.


Numerous other matters cropped up in that time as well. Various shrines to the major religions of the Many Worlds were consecrated. Investigations into magic, demonic physiology, and local cave systems began. Various individuals brought people from the area to vanquish scattered monsters such as blood thralls and skitterlings, and newly discovered creatures many have taken to calling “mana leeches.” The Cult of the Wanderer attacked, trying to reach the newly established Archive, but was driven off by the brave folk present. Another mysterious group attacked and successfully placed an enchantment upon the Lapis Vitae itself for some future, no doubt fell, purpose.


As the holiday drew to a close, one final battle was fought. The creatures of salt, now led by beings of some previously unknown Species or magical enhancement, attacked the colony in a large coordinated strike. Near to the Lapis Vitae, they attempted to perform three magical rituals, but were foiled in at least two of them. The surviving leaders then made their escape near the waterline, the mystery of their origins unanswered.

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