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Death and the Lapis Vitae

     The Lapis Vitae, the Stones of Life, are extremely rare relics possessing the ability to restore the dead back to life. This gift of resurrection operates at a distance with the bodies of the fallen discorporating into spirits that are then drawn back to a Stone to be reformed. There is seemingly no limit to the range at which they operate though some sort of linking or bond between the individual and Stone must first exist for it to function. Those who are resurrected often describe a deep exhaustion thereafter as the process is a struggle to return from the embrace of death. It is also not foolproof as some individuals who have been linked to a Lapis Vitae have failed to return.

     Each Nation decides for itself which, if any, of its people have access to the Stones as each only has two of the precious relics. Five more Lapis Vitae are kept by the Wardens of the Pact in trust for the galactic good. The recent discovery of a Lapis Vitae on Andromeda threatens to shift the balance of power and has drawn people from all across the known worlds. It appears as a large stone set within an altar and is kept within the main research building of the nascent settlement.


     When your character dies and rises as a Spirit, you will walk to the Lapis Vitae. Once there you are compelled to write your name in the ledger on the altar after which you will reform a body and return to active play over the course of one minute. The process of resurrection is taxing and difficult to the spirit and many report feeling weary or shook. Augurs are known to study a special intercession magic to bolster the spirit after such a traumatic experience and may be able to assist if they can be found before the end of the event where you resurrected.

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