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The Calid Circle


The Calid Circle is a nation of tradition and strength, run by a Council of Elders which upholds those values. The way the citizens of the Calid Circle see it, with age comes wisdom and knowledge, and both are revered. A very hospitable and gregarious people, the populace is comprised primarily of  the Zeverian species; however, any species (including sentient golems) is welcome to become a citizen, and will be expected to earn their way by merit, knowledge, and status like anyone else. The Calid Circle is home to one of the greatest libraries in the galaxy, filled with captured tomes and knowledge, organized by captive scholars and their descendants.

There is a long tradition of Raids in the Calid Circle. In ancient days they were of other villages and lands, taking treasure as markers of status. Even then, however, lore and knowledge were prized and scrolls and tomes could bestow glory as well as gold and silver. Now, many centuries later, the Raid tradition continues, with warriors striking another planet within the Circle or another Nation outside of it.

To avert all out wars and reprisals the Council of Elders long ago set out specific guidelines on what is and is not glorious behavior in a Raid with a focus on minimizing permanent harm and collateral damage. For example. the scholars captured in the raids are not prisoners, they are honored residents, and over time, they will be allowed to decide if they wish to leave or stay, and the council would tell anyone that there were quite a few scholars who decided to stay in this prosperous nation.


Traditional colors: Blue and Brown/Bronze

Symbols: A wreath of branches

Governmental System: Circles of Elders

Founding Species: Zevarians

Capital World: Relakesh

Primary Religion: Denara, The Skald of Heaven

Archetypes: Viking, Goths, Celts
Pinterest: Calid Circle

Overview and History

The homeworld of the Calid Circle, Relakesh, is a prosperous world that lacks for little. In ancient days, the Zevarian people spread and flourished across the lands, relying on the experience of their elders to survive wherever they settled. Without the need or incentive to form a large, centralized, power, the tradition of groups organized around councils of respected elders (the eponymous “circles”) became the dominant social order.



There is a long tradition of Raids in the Calid Circle. In ancient days they were of other villages and lands, taking treasure as markers of status. Even then, however, lore and knowledge were prized and scrolls and tomes could bestow glory as well as gold and silver. Post-Fracture, the written word is even more precious. Now, many centuries later, the Raid tradition continues, with warriors striking another planet within the Circle or another Nation outside of it. Being someday acknowledged as someone with “Elder” status requires not only life experience, but a proven record of being willing to enrich their Circle with treasures, books, and sometimes teachers (the more exotic or interesting, the better).


Within the Circle, raiding is known to be bound up in codes of honor and not wanton destruction. Raiders take prisoners when feasible, and non-combatants are strictly off-limits. This time-honored tradition is, in recent days, being challenged by two schools of thought: those who believe that raiding should be unbound from musty old honor codes and the supervision of equally musty old Elders, and those who believe the Calid Circle should focus their raids on mutual enemies and improve their relationships with the other nations among the many worlds.


The people of the Calid Circle are noted for being some of the most generous and gregarious. This is surprising to those who do not know them well, given the Raids they are notorious for. But since Raids are about status, honor, and glory, and not about accumulating wealth, the treasures taken in them are often freely given to those who may then need them.


The society of the Calid Circle is governed, loosely, by a gerontocracy: rule by elders. The council of elders that has authority over all the worlds of the Calid Circle is usually referred to as “the Highest Circle,” but their authority is rarely invoked. Qualification for status as an “Elder” is not strictly a matter of advanced age, but also social status and peer recognition. A council of the most esteemed and accomplished elders from Calid society act as the ruling body which other nations recognize as the government of the Calid Circle. It is well-known that no Elder gets to this level of influence without having conducted at least a few successful raids.


In practice, the worlds under the control of the Calid Circle are governed by a system of common law, overseen and administered by Elders in more local Circles with a relatively high degree of autonomy.


Significant Worlds



The homeworld of the Zevarian species and origin of the Calid Circle. Bountiful and lush, Relakesh provided for the needs of the fledgling society in abundance. It remains a major exporter of food throughout the Circle, and to a lesser extent the rest of the many worlds.



A planet with a mostly frozen climate, and a few small settlements in the slightly warmer regions. It is the home of the legendary Oracle of Waylaud.


Features of Note


Library of Triumph

The Library is as much a crown jewel of the Calid Circle as it is a useful repository. Prominent families or raid-leaders that have achieved great deeds often make lavish gifts to the Library as a way to boost their esteem. It is rare for someone to become an Elder of the Highest Circle without at least one major gift of knowledge to the Library of Triumph. Formerly located on Relakesh, the Library was moved to a location that is kept secret and only accessible through a complex network of Terminus Arcs.


Arcways Harbor

A center of training and practice for Terminus Engineers of the Calid Circle, located on Relakesh. While highly respected, it’s well known that many of the Engineers go on to facilitate Raids within and without the Calid worlds.


Other Species In the Nation

The Calid Circle is home to at least some of every species. Eldani often find themselves well-suited to the energetic and aggressive life that Calid society upholds as an ideal - sometimes even more so than native Zevarians.


Awakened Golems

Any Golem declaring its sapience or self-determination is immediately released from any service or obligations within the Calid Circle and is free to remain or depart as it prefers.


Views of Other Nations


Republic of Illara

Their system of elected officials seems cumbersome, but at least vaguely familiar to being ruled by a council of elders. They are relatively easy to deal with, although they seem to be wary of us.

Khezeratt of the Sun and Stars

Their drive and focus are admirable, but their zeal and seriousness are off-putting. You can trust their sense of honor, just remember that it’s totally different from ours.

Sovereignty of Riavan

Far too self-serious to be healthy, but at least they’re a straightforward lot. Maybe too straightforward, even for us. They do understand the idea of honor in battle and war and at least seem to understand that our Raids have some rules to them.

Hotanga Alliance

Relatively reliable allies, willing to offer good deals in trade in exchange for targeting our raids and sharing information.

Tristar Hegemony

They keep a firm grasp on everything they consider theirs, and claim to be “more civilized” than we simply because they use tricky contracts for profit instead of an honest raid.


Notable Figures


The Oracle of Waylaud

The Oracle dwells somewhere in the frozen depths of the world of Waylaud within the Calid Circle.


Kelem Turos

Kelem is a human scholar of the Concordia Illuminata who was kidnapped in a raid over 20 years ago. In that time, he has earned his way to being one of the most important librarians in the Library of Triumph.


Berit Llorwyn

A Zevarian elder who has begun to gain attention for her message of diplomacy and international cooperation. Although she led many a successful raid, she also helped broker the current arrangement between the Circle and the Hotanga Alliance, and is trying to convince other elders to establish similar relationships with other nations.


Lir Gilda

A Zevarian traditionalist, Lir is a rising star in Calid society. He has drawn some controversy, however, for his disdain for any elder ruling that gets in the way of his raiding. There are even suspicions that a raid-party under his command attacked a small settlement within the Hotanga Alliance, but this remains unproven.


Blood Witches

The tradition of raids makes healing magic a valuable commodity within the Circle. Among the many worlds, the Calid Circle is perhaps the most accepting of Sanguistry’s unsavory nature, but even they would never establish a Farmakosi too close to their homes.

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