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Banking and Currency


As Terminus Arcs proliferated across the Six Nations, trade and commerce increased dramatically. Very quickly the need arose for more organized systems of exchange and the localized banks of the Tristar Hegemony and the Republic of Illara began to grow. Centuries later each Nation has various banking systems within their borders but interstellar commerce is dominated by Solarum Banking Combine. Headquartered in the Hegemony on the planet Sangaur, Solarum Banking Combine is the largest bank in the galaxy with agents and houses in all of the Six Nations. The head of the bank is Sevim Jabril the Fifty-Eighth, hereditary chairman in an unbroken line of succession tracing back to the mists of pre-Fracture legend.


The Combine is chiefly responsible for the standardization of currency throughout the galaxy. Merchants have come to rely on the dependability of their letters of credit and minted coins and previous regional currencies have fallen away from use. Coins come in the following denominations:


The Centium is the lowest value coin minted. One or two of them could purchase a meal at most inns or taverns. Centium are gold colored.


The Decium is the next highest value coin minted and is worth ten centium. They are used for middle to high end commerce by the common residents of the galaxy. Decium are silver colored.


The Solarum is the most valuable coin minted and is worth ten decium or one hundred centium. They are generally used only by the wealthiest individuals and rarely encountered by common tradespeople. Solarum are red in color.


Invictus Coin Policy


Coins found during Invictus events are props that are part of the game setting. At the end of an event all players are required to turn in any coin props they have through our check out process. All characters have a bank account of in game money and turned in coins will be credited to those accounts. At the beginning of events a player may request letters of credit and bank notes for the weekend. All non-player characters will honor banking letters of credit and bank notes and we will not disadvantage players as a result of having their coin deposited in the bank.

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