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Archives are great storehouses of information.  They are libraries and repositories but are also so much more.  An archive is bound to its purpose by magics known only to the most advanced of Sorcerers and Thaumaturges[1] [2] .  It’s not just a building filled with paper, the structure itself is infused with magic and memory which reaches beyond what is possible for an individual. Archives are typically watched over by one or more associated guardian Archive Spirits that also serve to take in new information and assist visitors in locating previously stored knowledge. Scribes, as well, are usually attendants to archives, helping to organize and collate the notes that come in.


With the advent of the Fracture, stored information has become one of the most important aspects of society.  The documentation of history as it happens is the only way that the nations of the galaxy can function.  Due to this, archives have become the greatest bastion against falling back into darkness.  Common wisdom says that the archives existed for long before the Fracture, and certainly some of the archives out there seem to contain information that predates the generally accepted time of the Fracture’s appearance.


There will be an archive in the settlement on Andromeda where the game of Invictus takes place. The intention is to create a central place for players to store and share information with each other that will be safe from tampering by outside forces. From time to time Archive Spirits will arrive and, if players have notes they wish to add, make a copy of them for ease. We intend to also upload these notes to an Archive link on the Invictus website for players to be able to cross reference between events. Rest assured that non-player characters do not have access to the internet to read secret lore.

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