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Below please find a few packing suggestions:

  • MEDICAL/LEGAL RELEASE (signed by parent/legal guardian if under 18 ) 

  • Socks (Lots of Socks!) & Underwear

  • Black shirt & sweat pants 

  • Boots

  • Hoodie or Sweat Shirt

  • In-Game Garb (if PCing) IG Garb = renaissance shirts, pants, sash, tabard, etc. Anything that your PC would wear that is “In Period”... and doesn't look like street clothes. 

  • Belt with Pouch(es)

  • Packets (if PCing) – for your first event 20-40 should be plenty

  • Food (if necessary)

  • Make up (if necessary) 

  • Tooth brush & Tooth paste

  • Water (individual bottles are a good idea!)

  • Deodorant

  • Bug Spray

  • Sleeping bag & Extra Blankets 

  • Pillow (with old pillow case)

  • Boffer Weapons (if PCing or if you want to use your personal reps)

  • Armor (if PCing or if you want to use your personal reps)

  • Any necessary medication (Any medication –especially prescriptions- need to be labeled and in the original containers)

  • Flashlight

  • Paper & Pens

  • Duct Tape

  • A set of clean clothes (and shoes) for the ride home

- Black is always a good idea for clothing if you are NPCing.
- It does can chilly in the evenings so please bring warm clothes to wear under your NERO clothes. 

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