Becoming a member game of Living Fictions Entertainment is easy. You simply need to have the desire to work together for the purposes of marketing, brainstorming, shared costs, and other back end related issues that are usually a barrier to entry. 

We do not take royalties, or contract fees. Our database is owned and maintained by the developer, and we have negotiated a low usage fee that is paid directly to him. We even pay it ourselves. We have a variety of options for web development that include a zero cost option, up to and including a web developer that will work directly with you for low cost. We can also put you in touch with others within out network for things like logo design, SEO, marketing and advertising and more. 

We maintain an events calendar for all in-network games, and have a shared business page that will also allow you to market events to the entire network. 

All of this will eventually build up to bulk insurance purchase ability, and internal hosting as well as other shared cooperative operational costs.  

We do all of this, and more, without taking any money from you. We do all of this without claiming ownership over your IP. Sound to good to be true? Well, it isn't. You still have to write and develop your own world, obtain approval to run an Accelerant game from the developer, modify an Accelerant rule book to suit your needs, incorporate in your home state, staff your game, and run events. It's a tremendous amount of work, we are only taking some of the burden. Running a LARP is difficult but immensely rewarding. By working together as a community, we can build an organization that makes a difference to the players, to the industry, and to each other.