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NPC Food Logistics for Fall 2021

Hello everyone, I wanted to answer some food-related questions we’ve received and outline some logistics surrounding food for our Fall events. As mentioned before, and in the registration form, we will not be doing our regular food service this Fall as part of our enhanced safety precautions. 


However, we do want to make sure our NPCs are well taken care of and so we will be doing the following:


We will be providing various nutritious and energy providing snacks, drinks, and water in monster camp throughout the weekend. 


We will send out for sandwiches for NPCs for Saturday lunchtime.


For Saturday dinner, we will be getting some sort of hearty meal such as lasagna or pizza or the like. 


For all of these, if any of our NPCs have dietary restrictions, please let us know as soon as possible so we can accommodate them as best we can.

NPCs are, as always, welcome to bring additional food and snacks if they wish. Just check out the post on player food logistics if you’re wondering about storage and prep.


Thanks so much for making this all possible!


Don’t forget to register for the event at so we know you’re coming!

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