CP Exchange

Come NPC here and gain CP at your second favorite LARP. If your second favorite LARP  isn't here, let us know  @CONTACT FORM OR EMAIL

CRO is a Live Action Roleplaying Game based in Connecticut, USA.  Our events take place at  Eagle Pass Camp in Wales, MA.  Please see the Event Information page for how to get to Eagle Pass Camp.

Clockwork Saga is a collaborative entity that produces LARP campaigns and events as well as striving to function as active members within the LARP community of New England as a whole. 

EiF is a game of mystery, intrigue, suspense, and fear. None of the residents of the world of Orlon, or it's seven kingdoms truly know what is going to happen day to day. The people of the world live in constant fear of war, raiders, monsters, and demons. It is up to the brave adventurers of the world to protect them from the unimaginable horrors of existence. To become an adventurer is not a decision to take lightly, while it is lucrative it's also highly dangerous and few adventurers live to die of old age.

INK is a boffer LARP (Live Action Role Play game) that uses the Accelerant system. Our genre falls somewhere between Horror and Science/Dark Fantasy, as told through the lens of the 1980s. Walking that line between tongue-in-cheek and deadly serious, Ink is a game of monsters and magic, PhDs and poltergeists, Walkmans and Witches. We strive to be a game that is inclusive, quirky, and deconstructive around the tropes that movies like Ghostbusters, Gremlins, or A Nightmare on Elm Street gave us. 

Madrigal 3

Experience high fantasy live action roleplay.

Welcome to Magestry Live Action Roleplaying, where you become the hero! Don't just read about interesting characters or stare at them on a computer screen. Pick up your sword and your spellbook and be that character. Experience a game with a rich, full storyline and a very simple yet endlessly versatile rule system. Bring your own story into the fold; there is always room for more! Just turn off your cell phone and forget your mundane tongue. The game doesn't stop until it's over.

In the ages past, there were monsters, wizards, and champions of the Gods. There were fairy tales in this era of industry, technology, and progress. We knew the difference between fantasy and science. But just over six years ago, we discovered the myths held more truth than we realized.

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